«19 years together, we will remain best friends» – Corriere.it

    «19 years together, we will remain best friends» – Corriere.it
    to Irene Soave

    The outgoing Finnish Prime Minister married her partner in 2020. They have a five-year-old daughter, Emma Amalia. statement on Instagram

    the Finnish newspapers, including the stubborn

    who has already published pictures of the prime minister’s scandalous summer night parties, she has been a sensation since February. Sanna Marin and her husband, Marcus Recken, were in the process of divorcing, awaiting the election from which she then emerged as a loser, and a polite joint statement announcing the separation was already in the PR drawers. Agency in the capital gossip.

    Yesterday’s official, or rather unofficial, announcement with A story From the Instagram posted, identical, by both. On the photo of Marcus and Sana, smiling and getting close, a few lines of explanation. We filed for divorce. We are mutually grateful for the 19 years we shared and for our beloved daughter. We are still best friends and loving parents to each other. We will continue to spend time together as a family and with each other.

    Nineteen years together, for 37 it Navy He completed last November, and for his contemporaries Rikknen, more than half of his life: in the United States they call beginning marriages. It appears that Marin and Rikknen, together since before graduation, have only been married since 2020; Since 2019 the presidential coupleSince 2018, Emma Amalia’s parents, and at least since last summer, have been gradually moving away from each other. SoNextAnd Any Sentences: Fraction arises from many changes. tacitly, in her life.

    They met at a bar in his hometown of Tampere, and he said he was attracted to her because of her serious atmosphere in the only interview he ever had with his wife, Vogue magazine. He’s a soccer player, and she’s a hardcore social democrat. In 2018, the arrival of Emma, ​​in 2019, her election as Prime Minister: perhaps the only profession for which maternity leave is not provided in Finland. Rikknen, a former Tampere Pallio-Veiko striker who has been described as reliable by the coach, Now a venture capitalist, he notes

    Gladly majority stake in Emma management.

    Booked, out of the limelight, before the paparazzi vote in a nightclub with a new girl,

    Markus Rikknen was, for the malicious, a first man faded a little
    . He was elected in 2019 at the age of 34, then the youngest leader in the world, Sanna Marin managed first to manage the epidemic and then join NATO seriously and attractively. International attention was not enough, in the face of public debt, for her re-election in April 2023. Immediately afterwards, she resigned from the leadership of the Social Democratic Party.

    But in the meantime the figure has transformed: from plump and serious, elected in a black knee-length suit, to a tonic star in a leather jacket (yesterday, before the divorce was announced, a story in which he runs at an athletic pace) who, with full NATO membership, even participates in concerts and parties.

    in comic clichés
    Where gossips from all over the world practice such cases, a new look is usually a prelude to parting; It is more than granite Joachim Sauer is always on Angela Merkel’s sidementions Nate Dee in Rebuild Insiders Satan wears purdah
    . The homely little man, lazy, would not have endured the new splendor of his lifelong companion.

    There are no prenuptial agreements between them. I recently bought a house in a neoclassical building in the chic Tl district of DC. When the new government takes office, it will have to leave the official residence of KissRanta, I’ll move in alone.

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