$17M theft: Apple employee ends up in jail | Worldwide scam

    $17M theft: Apple employee ends up in jail |  Worldwide scam
    Ex-Apple employee accused of theft – www.iPaddisti.it

    A verdict recently passed that severely convicted a former Apple employee for embezzling several million dollars in a completely illegal way, and the news shocked the whole of America.

    Apple, one of the richest companies on the planet, was subjected to a robbery of colossal proportions due to an employee hired in 2008, who used various mechanisms in his favor that had harmed Apple for more than 10 years.

    It all started in 2008 when Dhirendra Prasad, a 55-year-old man of Indian origin, hired by Apple to purchase parts and services from the company’s suppliers, becoming an essential part of the hardware manufacturing and sales chain. The employee held this role until about 2018, and managed to acquire a good $17,398,579.

    By his own admission Prasad mentioned that He started defrauding the company around 2011This is mainly by accepting bribes, increasing the declared value of invoices for undelivered goods, and stealing some of the contents of shipments.

    The man was first investigated in 2022 due to allegations Mail fraud and tax evasion During the lawsuit, he was found guilty on all counts since in addition to misappropriating Apple salaries and bonuses, Prasad also managed to evade taxes in collaboration with vendors of two other companies that were adjudged elsewhere.

    Apple is suing an employee thief, here’s the sentence

    Once the trial concluded, the former employee was sentenced 3 years from prison and so on compensation Of more than $17 million embezzled by Apple. However, the sentence does not end here, in fact $1,872,579 was also determined as compensation for evaded taxes, $5.4 million in assets to be seized and $8.1 million paid out monetary.

    What is the penalty for fraud and tax evasion offenses – www.iPaddisti.it (Source: freepik)

    Department of Justice, US Department of Justice, at the end of the story reported that Prasad Take advantage of the advantages that his professional position gives him Getting rich because he was aware of the controls Apple puts in place to check for fraud within the production and product sales chain.

    The scammer will then have to spend a lot of time in jail and pay back everything he stole from his previous employer, Apple, and from the United States.

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