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1300 TODAY AT BUONCONVENTO OF NOVA EROICA Happening GRAVEL increasingly loves him more than ever

1300 TODAY AT BUONCONVENTO OF NOVA EROICA Happening GRAVEL increasingly loves him more than ever

Heroic Nova Like him more and more. a fact at the end of a day of great sporting importance as evidenced by the performance and geography of the participants; Fun can be easily read in people’s faces. We really like to invite Eroica to cycle together in places of extraordinary beauty like the province of Siena. People love it because the NOVA Eroica allows you to push the pedals a little harder in order to get to the final rating. People love it because it is the refreshment that is talked about the most all over the world. Therefore, NOVA Eroica is the perfect synthesis for those who like to pedal in company but, in the same way, like to put themselves to the test on a stopwatch.

1509 were registered this year in NOVA Eroica Buonconvento, of which 1297 were beginners, 21% of them from abroad. Specifically from: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, Australia, Argentina, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Latvia, Monaco, Czech Republic, Singapore, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, South Korea, Malta, Croatia.

Alessandro Ballan and Vincenzo Nibali – Portrait of Rubino

to praiseGiancarlo Broschi
“The world of pebbles that NOVA promotes is almost completely different and that it already contains many of the values ​​that characterize L’Eroica – he explains Giancarlo Broschi, creator of the “Mother” event – we’ll see how this movement develops in the near future. We are very proud that Eroica always brings together an unusually large number of happy and fun people who are ready to share their passion for cycling.”

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the organization
He adds, “The huge success of the gravel world is evident this year Franco Rossi, President of Eroica Italia ssd More and more people, from Italy and abroad, are arriving with high performance bikes. NOVA Eroica creates the conditions for everyone to feel they are in the right place with the perfect combination to seize the full opportunities of the event; From the legendary refreshment points to the unique landscapes of the Val d’Orcia and Val d’Arbia, from the historic villages to the dirt roads and cypress trees of the typical Tuscan landscape. For us in the organisation, seeing tired but happy people at the finish line, with smiles on their faces, is a source of immense satisfaction.”

Nova Eroica Buonconvento 2023 – Image by Rubino

“In Buonconvento we are very fortunate to be in an area with so many opportunities and great landscapes – he explains ricardo conte, Mayor of Buonconvento – for the presence of Via Francigena and cycle routes with a really suggestive and very interesting offer of bicycle tourism of all kinds.

NOVA Eroica is becoming more and more popular
NOVA Eroica is growing numerically and becoming more and more international. The formula, which includes timed intervals and long stretches in combinations, fascinates many enthusiasts and opens up new scenarios and perspectives; The model is very interesting because it meets many expectations. Those who ride a gravel bike are always looking for new emotions, linked above all to the area but also to the sporting experience and to sharing the village rhythm; “Third time pedal” that attracts and invites more and more.

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What testimonials!
At the start this morning in Buonconvento there were also some heroes that cycling fans have loved in recent years. the champions who made Italy great in the world with the pedals; from Vincent Nibali to Alessandro Blanc And John Visconti: “It’s my first time at NOVA Eroica – as Nibali states – it’s definitely an event different from all the others; a great experience for me”, “an experience to be repeated without a doubt”, echoes Alessandro Ballan

Nova Eroica Buonconvento 2023 – Image by Rubino

An unforgettable weekend for families on the pedals
The last photo of the weekend in Val d’Arbia and Val d’Orcia will be given by the families riding along the roads, also very white, of the NOVA Eroica family. White roads that seem to have been put there to host the exploits of heroes young and old. A race for the very young and a hand-cycling event are also planned.

Sunday 25 June
08.00 – Nova Eroica Family
08.00 – 09.30 Check out the technical envelope and race pack
09.00 – 09.30 Departure of the Nova Eroica family
09.00 – 09.30 NOVA Eroica Handy Bike Departure
10.00 – 15.00 Tasting and sale of Seggiano Dop Extra Virgin Olive Oil
11.00 – 12.00 Pasta party
Awards, music and entertainment

Eroica meets the very young
07.30 – 09.00 Checking starter licenses GS Buonconvento
09.30 am – Departure of the 10th Trophy “Memorial Maurizio Nardi and Eraldo Moricciani”
12:30 – Awards Ceremony of the 10th “Memorial Maurizio Nardi and Eraldo Moricciani” Trophy
7.00 pm – “Il Caffe” snack
Music and entertainment

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