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11 healthy habits you must follow to live better…today!

11 healthy habits you must follow to live better...today!

Drink more water, learn something new, know what to eat and what other healthy habits you can adopt from today to live better

The secret to good health? There is not just one, but at least 11. Eleven healthy habits We can bring them into our lives, all together or a little at a time. In short, more than just a revolution The big and small changes that according to science will improve our health in just a few weeks, without requiring much effort. here they are:

you have breakfast –

the breakfast It is important for a number of reasons. It restarts the metabolism and prevents us from overeating during the day. Additionally, studies show that adults who eat a healthy breakfast perform better and that children who eat their morning meal score higher on tests. Warning: It is not true that breakfast must necessarily be plentiful. Just don’t skip it.

drink more water –

Staying hydrated is at the top of the list of healthy habits we can adopt to improve our mindset as well. “Water – explains Lisa Mosconi, a neuroscientist of Italian descent, who studies in the United States and author of brain nutrition (Mondadori) – Very important for brain health. More than 80% of its content is water. Thus, every chemical reaction that occurs in the brain needs water: this also includes energy production. No water, no energy. Not only that: Even a small loss of water, like a 3-4% drop, can cause neurological symptoms like foggy mind, fatigue, dizziness, and confusion.” How much do you drink? Eight cups (1.5 liters) a day is a good start. “But so be it vera The water – the world hangs – is rich in minerals, like the one you drink in Italy, not the purified or soda water that I find more and more in the United States…”.

Take a fitness break –

Experts call them snack exercises: are short and very short exercises that allow us to fight a sedentary lifestyle, and also bring benefits to the body. In short, instead of just taking a coffee break, it would be good to take the opportunity to do so A few minutes of exercise, stretching, or even a short walk at a brisk pace. It is wonderful for the body and mind.

role is offline –

Raise your hand if you don’t check your email and social media at least once every hour. Sure, some updates are important, but do we really need to see photos of our cousin’s last meal? Or, at least, should we do it now? Setting a time to log off and turn off the phone is always a good idea. Researchers at the Institute for Happiness Research in Denmark divided 1,095 Facebook users into two groups, one of whom was denied access to the social network. Result: after a week Those who stopped socializing felt 55% less stress.. Not to mention that reducing the time we devote to our digital lives will allow us to do other things: exercise, read a book, fix that shaky table…

learn something new –

New skills help keep the brain healthy. It also frees us from stress. a second Study University of MichiganIn fact, learning something new at work is not only beneficial, but also the best way to cope with stress, even more than the usual relaxing activities.

Healthy habits: sleep well –

The benefits of regular sleep are countless. A good night’s sleep keeps us in a good mood, strengthens memory and focus, and helps us learn new things. In the long run, it reduces the risk of heart disease and helps keep you fit. Experts suggest sleeping between 7 and 9 hours a night. But be warned: the secret to good sleep is habit: you have to go to bed and wake up at around the same time every day.

Plan your meals –

Meal planning helps save time (and money). Health is gained. It means having a plan before we go to the supermarket, based on our goals. Some people plan a month in advance by freezing food. Others do it day in and day out. There is no rule. What works for one person may not work for another. But it’s a good habit anyway: preparing meals allows us to control ourselves and avoid foods that can harm us.

training your muscles –

Strength exercises help the body reduce fat, Increase muscle mass. This means that we will burn more calories even in front of the TV. But these exercises can also help us lose weight, strengthen our heart, and strengthen our bones. The secret is to do strength training exercisesSuch as push-ups, lunges, etc., and convert them into healthy habits at least twice a week.

Inhale some fresh air –

Exposure to the sun for a few minutes increases vitamin D levels, which is beneficial for your bones, heart and mood. Not to mention that second Study from Stanford UniversityA walk in the green (even if it’s a good city park) can calm the mind and, in the long run, change our brain’s performance by improving our mental health.

work on balance –

As a young man, good balance helps avoid injuries. As an elderly person, it keeps us active for longer and reduces the chances of falls and broken bones. Regardless of age, always helping the body maintain a good balance means better muscle strengthA healthier heart and a greater sense of general well-being. Yoga and tai chi are great ways to work with them, but anything that keeps us balanced, even walking, can help.

be cerfull –

Awareness can mean meditation (wakefulness) or simply stopping to smell the air for a few minutes, paying attention to the moment. However, studies have shown that mindfulness reduces stress, relieves pain, and improves mood. And scientists are beginning to understand how. A Harvard study found that 8 weeks of regular meditation, for example, can change parts of the brain related to emotions, learning and memory. The good news is that those who have never meditated can now learn how to do it easily thanks to TV shows like Headspace Meditation Guides (Netflix) and the app of the same name, which includes daily mini mindfulness sessions to bring us back to earth, as well as mini meditation exercises for quick mental healing.

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