10 Quietest Cities In The World: Unmissable Anti-stress Destinations

    10 Quietest Cities In The World: Unmissable Anti-stress Destinations

    Often times, if you think of a city, it becomes difficult to associate it with the idea of ​​tranquility. Relaxing and relaxing environments are often sought-after solutions in places such as small villages, the countryside, or mountain towns. However, Travelbag has managed, through an analysis spanning about 80 cities around the world, to put together a ranking of the world’s 10 quietest cities. Let’s find out what they are.

    Juneau, Alaska
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    10 Quietest Cities in the World: What They Are and Their Ranking

    “Classical cities on a human level” are those designed in such a way that they are able to offer everything that is needed for daily life in relatively cramped spaces, with less chaotic life rhythms and comfortable environments, especially in an age like we present one where stress, anxiety and anxiety dominate the lives of many people. . about it,”Travel Bags“He made a rating of the ten most relaxing cities in the world and gives advice to those who intend to organize a vacation by choosing a quiet destination. The criteria are the number of tourists, the presence of walking paths and air quality.

    At the top we find Juno, the capital of Alaska, USA. This result is definitely favored by much better air quality than in big cities. In addition, this city is within walking distance of Tongass National Forest, a green reserve with centuries-old fir trees and an endless variety of flowers and plants. A suitable place for outdoor trips and walks. After that, we find on the other side of the world Wellingtonthe capital of New Zealand that hosts each year 760 thousand tourists It counts 389 hiking trails.

    At the foot of the podium is another New Zealander, Oakland, which has levels of air and noise pollution among the lowest in the world and countless hiking trails that can be tackled in a relaxing way. Stay on the Oceania continent, but move to the immediate area Australiain fourth place was city Perthwith a good number of tourists and a good general quality of life.

    Dallas USA
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    Ranking of the rest of the quietest cities in the world

    Looking back in this particular ranking, we find in fifth place the city of Melbourne, which has stunning botanical gardens such as Royal Victoria Botanic Gardens. Still to follow Australia with the Sydney citywhich despite having the largest number of tourists in the year, maintains a sober calm in life.

    The ranking closes with the following cities: seventh place l Atlanta in the USA, the eighth place of Phuket in Thailand, and is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is still in ninth place Dallas, Texas (USA) Finally Vancouver, Canada.

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