10 good reasons to watch Inter Milan today and feel happy

    10 good reasons to watch Inter Milan today and feel happy

    There are at least ten good reasons to watch tonight’s game. And, to be clear, we are not talking about the Luton Town-Sunderland play-offs – which also interests us a lot – but about Inter Milan, the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

    Here they are, in no particular order.

    1. We know that There are two Italian teams in the Champions League semi-finals Thus, a barrage of unexpected locust invasions will play the final match in Istanbul. We cannot say when such a thing will happen again, because the truth is that the football system in Italy does not allow any kind of planning, but only allows for improvisation. Our football is in the spotlight thanks to the excellent work of two teams. Well, let’s not take credit for the “Palazzo del calcio”, because it doesn’t have any.
    2. San Siro has always been exceptionally beautiful, not to mention today. The definition of ‘Scala del Calcio’ this evening – as indeed the first leg – makes sense again. The Meazza “package” will tell you if we’ve told the truth.
    3. Inter play good football, excellent at times; Milan can hurt anyone if it’s day. The level of “cleanliness” of Real Madrid led by Finkos and especially Manchester City led by Guardiola is very far, but we are not as ugly as we think and we like to tell stories in a masochistic way.
    4. There are world champions on the field, Vice World Champions, Ex World Champions, Ex Vice World Champions, European Champions. Not much.
    5. On the bulletin board there are ten European Cups and Champions (7 + 3). Milan is no joke.
            1. Inter Milan champions

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                1. My coach at this stage of the competition You can live in Madrid, if you want in London (but there are 833,838 clubs there), hardly anywhere else. And the derby is more than a match even when it comes to Partita del Cor, not to mention the Champions League semi-final.
                2. Obviously, one of the teams is destined to rejoice But, above all, the other will live a moment – which will last more than one moment – very difficult, of the “City Submission” destined to leave its mark in the history of football in the city. And as we know, the suffering of others generates more interest than the joy of others. A kind of “sadism” that is very present in sports, not to mention football.
                3. As for the property, it goes on stage An exciting and formidable challenge to two worlds: China and the United States. The last time – yes, Moratti and Berlusconi – it was a very trivial (but also wonderful) challenge between Bauscia and Casciavit.
                4. Tomorrow at the best – but above all the worst – Sport Bar in Italy Nothing else will be said. There will be trials, accusations, finger pointing and summary executions. In lost time we will remember the winners. Woe to you if you are found unprepared.
                5. There is nothing on TV that can interest you more than this game, we checked. Unless you’re a fan of the creepy “Deputy Prosecutor Emma Tatarani,” but in that case we find it difficult to understand why you’ve come to this point of the article.
                  1. A very good Euro derby for everyone, ladies and gentlemen.

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